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Types Of Therapy

Dr. Sheba Singh has equitable and rich experience in application of vintage, time-tested and new-age, evolving therapies. Her rich and diverse experience enables her to identify root-cause of the psychological issue and an application of right therapy or combination of therapies, to fix the issues and elevate patients from ongoing agony.

Individual Therapy

While dealing with a mental health issue, each individual goes through a different experience. Often it becomes difficult to explain those emotions and feelings to our family members and friends. Individual therapy helps one to openly share his/her problems with a Psychologist in a safe and confidential environment.

Couples Therapy 

Apart from issues like addiction, infidelity, violence, etc., even small fights could lead to strong resentment against each other, leading to break up or divorce. Couples therapy plays an instrumental role in improving the physical and emotional aspects of a relationship.


Family Therapy

Family therapy addresses issues pertaining to the functioning of a family. This therapy aims to resolve inter-personal conflict. It encourages all the members of the family to communicate regularly with each other in a healthy way.

Group Therapy
Group therapy constitutes of different individuals struggling with the same issue. These individuals might be on the different stages of treatment. It works like a mini-community in which personal stories and relevant information is exchanged, instilling hope and positivity among group members.

Pre-marital Therapy

Pre-marital counselling helps a couple to understand each other, their expectations, and possible future conflicts. In totality, it prepares them for the marriage. Their attitudes and beliefs regarding critical issues like family, finance, kids, physical intimacy, personal values, etc. are openly discussed for better companionship.

Depending upon your concerns, you can enroll in any of the above therapies. All you need to do is book a session with Dr. Sheba Singh.

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