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Online Sessions

Dr. Sheba Singh offers both, face-to-face and online (video & amp; audio) sessions. The duration of a session is 50 minutes. Sessions needing intense therapies and for couples, it is 90 minutes session.

Online counselling is relatively a new concept. Let’s talk little more about it.

Why should you opt for online counselling?

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An online session with a professional psychotherapist has various advantages –
Saves time:

  • No need to pull out of office/work or home ahead of scheduled appointment and save on commute time



  • Take therapy from choice of your environment

  • Pay through digital channels



  • Easily accessible through Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Whatsapp and newer platforms/apps as they become popular, from your phone, tablet or laptop



  • No missing sessions for either your or therapist’s inability to reach on-time



  • No intrusion to privacy. No multiple checks on identity or name callouts in clinics.Professional therapists are bound by ethical practices, like any other professionals or practitioners.

Who should opt for online counselling?

Online counselling is for everyone!

Let’s look at some who can benefit, more than others, from Dr. Sheba Singh’s online sessions

Executives and Professionals with hectic schedule

Corporate and start-ups are rendering fair escalation in cases of depression and anxiety. However, majority of executives and professionals from these sectors have been struggling to make time for counselling sessions. Our online counselling offerings give these individuals an opportunity to discuss their mental health issues with Dr. Sheba
Singh at their convenience.

Partners in a long-distance relationship

In an online session, both partners can easily talk to Dr. Sheba Singh and address their relationship issues. No need to be in the same city for connecting with a specialist.


If job or business requires you to travel frequently across India or even abroad, there are high chances that you miss altogether or keep postponing the counselling sessions that you need to attend. Online counselling sessions works perfectly with your busy routine and allows you to consult Dr. Sheba Singh wherever you are. No need to seek a new Psychologist every time you move to a new place.

Stay at home parents/ New parents

With kids, your mind and hands are always full with multiple tasks. It seems almost impossible to visit a psychologist. Online sessions is the solution for you. It is quite easy to fit an online session in your routine while your kid is taking a nap. No need to look for a babysitter or request your relatives to take care of your children. All you need to do is book an online session with Dr. Sheba Singh and distress yourself.  It’s so convenient for couples seeking therapy together.

Differently-abled Individuals

In India, mental health counselling for differently-abled has lot to catch-up. Psychological issues can have overbearance to their physical challenges and may compound complexities. Professional counselling by mental-health expert can elevate quality of their life and invigorate positive attitude to life. Thankfully, with online sessions, accessibility is no longer a barrier for them. They can access the counselling sessions of Dr. Sheba Singh within the comfort of their own home.

How to schedule an online appointment?

That’s it! Your online session starts; and a new journey towards a happy life begins!

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