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In India, mental health issues have been trivialized or generalized. While terms like ‘depression’ and ‘anxiety’ are more talked about, other conditions like bipolar disorders, behavioural disorders are relatively new for people and now gaining attention.


Even if people have heard about some terms, they are unable to identify and distinguish different mental health Issues. Even if two people are suffering from same mental challenge, it is fairly possible that their symptoms and experiences and so responses may vary.


In consulting and treating patients, mental-health professionals examine multiple dimensions to diagnose disorders and treat with therapy or medication or both to alleviate individual from the situation or the specific disorder or challenge.

How to know if you need a Psychologist?

To know if you or your loved ones need to consult a Psychologist, ask the below questions: 

(The symptoms/questions illustrated are common though may vary for individuals)



  • Do you worry excessively?

  • Do you feel difficulty in concentrating ?

  • Do you feel fatigued?

  • Do you experience restlessness ?

  • Do you experience repetitive negative thoughts?

  • Do you panic even if you know that there is nothing to worry about?

  • Is your fear or stress hampering your daily routine?

  • Do you avoid situations, places, or people due to fear of panic?


  • Do you feel hopeless or like a failure in life?

  • Have you seen any shift in your sleeping patterns?

  • How is your level of energy after you wake up? Do you feel fatigued?

  • Do you feel like doing nothing?

  • Do you feel demotivated to complete even simple tasks of your daily routine?

  • Has your appetite changed recently? Are you either overeating or not eating at all?

  • Have you had any suicidal thoughts recently?


Bipolar Disorder

  • Do you often have mood swings?

  • Do you talk sometimes too much but at other times, you don’t feel like speaking at all?

  • Do you, at times, feel hyperactive and full of energy but after some days you feel extremely low?

  • Do you see a wide variation in your reaction to the same situation?

  • Do you feel mentally dull at times but on other occasions, think very creatively?

  • Do you often feel angry or upset without any reason?

Developmental Disorders among Kids

Under the spectrum of developmental disorders among kids, multiple issues like learning disability, autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity, intellectual disability are covered.

  • Does your child find difficulty in understanding the language?

  • Does your child has difficulty interacting with others? For example lack of eye contact or lack of facial responses.

  • Does your child has any unusual repetitive behaviour?

  • Does your child has a very specific routine? Does any slight change in that routine causes irritation and anger?

  • Have you noticed any coordination issues with your child?

  • Is there any resistance to cuddling or playing with others?

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Behavioural Disorders

  • Does your child get easily annoyed or angry?

  • Does your child throw anger tantrums?

  • Does your child refuse to follow any rules?

  • Does your child have difficulty in dealing with different emotions like frustration, disappointment?

  • Is your child violent towards others?

Relationship Issues

  • Are you facing difficulty with sexual or emotional intimacy?

  • Do you find it hard to communicate and trust each other?

  • Do you feel that your partner does not understand you or maybe ignoring you?

  • Are you at your breaking point in the relationship?

  • Do you want to improve your relationship?


Marital Issues

  • Does every conversation with your partner leads to an argument?

  • Do you always criticize each other? 

  • Do you hide things from your partner?

  • Do you feel you have no say in any big decision related to your family?

  • Have you or your partner indulged in infidelity?

  • Are you thinking if you should continue this marriage or end it?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

  • Do you have a constant fear of being contaminated by germs or dirt?

  • Do you excessively worry about cleaning?

  • Do you experience continuous negative thoughts leading to anxiety?

  • Do you have a strong need to constantly check on something or arrange things until they are ‘right’?

  • Do you have unwanted thoughts and mental images, including ones that are sexually explicit or violent?

  • Do you constantly worry about losing control?



  • Do you feel an intense need to avoid something or a particualr situation?

  • Do you feel anxious or distressed when you are exposed to a particular object or situation?

  • Do you constantly adjust your daily routine to avoid that object or situation?

  • Does it hamper your relationship with others?

Consult a mental-health professional, should you identify with any of the above difficulties.

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