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When I started the sessions I did not know what to expect or where this will lead, as I have never visited a Psychologist before. You have worked wonders in my overall thought process and your sessions, guidance and therapies have worked on me like a charm. Can’t thank you enough for all the guidance and support you have given me. I have lots of gratitude towards you and what you do in helping people like me to start thinking in the most positive manner. You are a wonderful person and I will follow all the therapies you have asked me to.

- Anxiety client, Mumbai

We approached Dr. Sheba Singh for assistance to set right our marital discord. We were given absolutely appreciable consultation. She guided patiently by hearing all our challenges and advised us in a practical way to resolve them. We are following her advises and see dynamic positive changes in our day-to-day life. We thank Dr. Singh and recommend her for such issues.

- Marital Discord client, Mumbai

My child had bottled up her feelings. Finally Dr Sheba made her open up after many tiring sessions. Now she tells everything to her mother comfortably and effortlessly. She has come out of shock of her dad too. In nutshell, she has been converted from dead body to an alive human by Dr. Sheba

- Child Therapy client, Mumbai

Very good and understanding. Thank you very much for keeping an open mind. Very good listener and calming to speak to

- Couples Therapy client, Mumbai

She is a great listener and makes you feel at ease throughout the session. My experience with her really helped me immensely. I will definitely recommend her

- Anxiety client, Mumbai

The most important thing is that you have helped me get better. I had a lot of thoughts in my mind which were very cluttered. You helped me structure them. You listened to me patiently and helped me gain new perspectives through examples of real life situations. There were some times where I was skeptical with this whole process but you did not let me stray away from the path to recovery.

- Anxiety client, Mumbai

It was really easy to talk to you. I am glad I took this step. I have been to a psychologist before and mental health is never spoken of in my family.Your approach to my problem was very structured and yet friendly and casual at the same time. You have given me some great life advise that I intend to follow. Thank you for doing what you do. I love that you help so many people. It can’t be easy helping others improve their mental health while keeping your own good. You have helped me tremendously and I am now better equipped to handle anxiety. You are wonderful. Thank you and lots of love.

- Anxiety client, Mumbai

It was very easy to open myself/my thoughts in front of you. I never felt that we do not know each other. I remember, when I came first time I was only crying but you have made me comfortable so that I can share what I am going through. I am very lucky that I came here to you. All the sessions are very much helpful. I am coming back to my normal life very fast.You listened to me very patiently and understood the situation and helped me to recover very fast. I am really grateful to you and definitely recommend people to come here if they  are not feeling well and need help. Again I want to say thank you so much for all your support. It helped me a lot, lot, lot.

- Anxiety client, Mumbai

Dr. Sheba listened to whatever details I shared with her. One by one she cleared my doubts without any hesitation. With each session I learnt a few new things from her. She related facts and knowledge with real and her own experiences, which is commendable. As a first timer seeking mental health help, I can say I was treated well by Dr. Sheba. I eagerly waited for all her sessions and they are all worth the wait and travel I have done.

- Anxiety client, Mumbai

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